The future is now


Why Medicall?

In the midst of a global pandemic, connecting with health professionals has become more important than ever. The need for social distancing has come with a overwhelming desire for virtual meetings rather than in-person. Medicall was created by a team of medical advocates that recognized the need for a software that not only connects patients with doctors virtually, but also allows doctors to converse among themselves to avoid the need for in-person meetings. It is going to take all of us to move forward from this pandemic, and here at Medicall, we are doing our part to make that transition a little easier

Built for today

The newness of our company has enabled us to design vehicals for todays needs without being hindered by past designs, manufacturing eqpumtment and baisis. All our vehicls are fully autonmos with the chances of a crashing being 1000x lower than that of a human driver. The seats our all fully automated and can swifil to create a living room enviorment. Most importantly, besides being fully electric, all our manufacturing facilities are net-zero energy consumers and the cars are built from 70% recycled materials - 65% higher than the industry average.


Eco Friendly -From the ground up

We have many chances to succeed building a good car, but only one planet. Our company has been founded on the idea of having a negitive carbon footprint.

How have stay-at-home mandates affected mental health?

Although the United Nations warned that a mental health crisis was approaching back in May, new studies have showed the decrease in its harmful effects as individuals adjust to their new routines.

The presence of allergic reactions as a result of the Pfizer vaccine.

The CDC and FDA first reported the presence of allergic reactions on December 11, 2020. The report prompted many people in the general population to wonder, Does taking the vaccine outweigh the risks involved?

How gut bacteria is being used to protect nerve cells

A new study into mice has found an unidentified type of astrocyte, a star shaped brain cell that may have a role in fighing the inflammation and deterioration of nerve cells.